So fascinated with ideas and ironies, I translate them into drawings. It amuses and entertain my restless brain, I hope it has the same effect on you.

Q1: Who are you?
You are threading on thin ice. This question that will lead to my existential crisis.

Q2: Why do you draw?
It’s a fun away to vent my frustrations, express my deepest thoughts, and relieve my boredom.

Q3: No way. Girls can’t be geeks.
Don’t be sexist.

Q4: Are you really a geek?
No. I know too many tech geeks to understand that I’m under-qualified as a proper ‘geek’ that most people know. But I am inquisitive and have esoteric interests.

Q5: Where did you get your inspiration from?
From things that happens to me.

Q6: Are all the comics real?
Yes. Though sometimes simplified and exaggerated.

Q7: What do you draw with?

Apple pencil and iPad on Procreate.

Q8: Will you keep drawing?
Yes, hopefully forever. Will you keep reading?